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Stockpile surveying and protection B.V. is a global known provider of inspection, supervision, sampling, weight determination and analytical services for Solid Fuels, Metals, Minerals, Ores, Concentrates and Fertilizers.

Already as from 2003, Ssp is a well-known and respectable survey company, unique for the infrared operating method developed to detect high temperatures in stockpiles and to advise customers how to protect and control their commodities against spontaneous combustion.

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Ssp performs gas measurements at any location in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

A gas measurement by Ssp offers safety towards your employees.

Certified and experienc...

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Alex Stewart Agriculture joint venture with SSP

Alex Stewart Agriculture Ltd is delighted to announce the Joint Venture with Stockpile Surveyi...

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Coverage South Africa

Ssp is pleased to announce the ability to cover your inspection requirements in South Africa. ...

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